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India's luxury market is expected to be one of the
fastest-growing markets in the world.
20% of luxury sales will be online by 2025
80% of total sales will be digitally influenced.
There are 7k Indian designers
40k designers all over the world including US, UK,
Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Asia.
An established customer base, trust & security
provides your brand increment, enhancing your brand
Surplus inventory can tie up valuable resources &
capital, leading to holding costs, and potential
Building a brand can be overwhelming, but don't
worry, we've got you covered from every angle to
ensure your success.
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Product Listing & Discovery.
Seller Tools & Analytics.
Retail & Visual Merchandising.
After-Sale Service.
Exclusive Brand Showcase.
Customized Storefront.
Brand Protection & Authentication
Seller Education & Support.
New Customer Acquisition.
Enhanced Brand Reputation.
Additional Revenue Stream.
Customer Loyalty & Engagement
Business Growth Potential.
Increased Revenue Stream.
Brand Exposure & Awareness.
Sustainable Fashion Practices.

Brand Positioning & Strategy Development

Public Relations & Media Outreach

Brand Audit & Competitive Analysis.

IT solutions.

Social Media Management.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Product Development & Innovation

Communication Startegy


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Join Qolorr to unlock new possibilities, expand your reach, and embrace the transformative power in the premier marketplace.


Access to Premium Community.

Gain access to a carefully curated selection of premium and luxury lifestyle and fashion brands.

Exclusive & Limited Edition Offerings.

By being a part of our marketplace, you can offer your customers unique and coveted items that add an element of rarity and exclusivity to their shopping experience.

Expanded Reach & Exposure.

Qolorr provides a platform for your brand to reach a global audience of luxury enthusiasts.

Brand Promotion & Story Telling.

We believe in the power of storytelling. Qolorr offers opportunities for you to showcase your brand’s story, values, and craftsmanship, enabling you to connect with customers on a deeper

Enhanced Customer Experience.

We prioritize delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Collaborative Growth Oppotunities

Qolorr fosters collaboration among brands, designers, and industry

Ethical & Sustainable Focus.

This resonates with customers who prioritize ethical luxury and contributes to a positive impact
on the environment and society.

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